Autocad Electrical Project

Creating drawing template in Autocad Electrical | Khurram Waris | easybodge

Creating drawing template in Autocad Electrical is amongst the first step that needs to be completed for any autocad project. Autocad Electrical isn’t the type of software that we can just jump into and start using without some guidance.  It is a data manager running inside of AutoCAD and you must allow Electrical to drive.

Electrical symbols for various design components for instance motors, drives, buttons, lamps, MCBS, relays, contactor and so on are available to drop on to the electrical drawings. Symbols for many manufacturers could be imported as libraries into Autocad Electrical project. If a library does not exist or not shipped with Autocad Installed, third party libraries could also be imported using Import utility. Symbols could be classified into JIC and NFPA symbols. The JIC and NFPA symbols fit nicely on an ANSI D-size drawing, or even a C-size, while the IEC symbols fit nicely on A3 or A4.  I usually recommend that my customers develop their drawing template on a D-size.  You can set the plot parameters to Fit so they fit B-size (11×17) paper.  Everything should scale down by 1/2 so the 0.125 text drops to 0.0625, thus it still meets ANSI standards, and the symbols scale down as well.  I also advise that you avoid paper space.  The software is designed to function best in model space.  I’m not saying that paper space cannot be used at all, but it requires that you follow some specific limitations.  Essentially, you must keep symbols and footprints in model space.  The title block can function in paper space, but I prefer to keep everything in model space and I scale by border/title block up to fit around the panel layout.

Getting the drawing template is essential building block for Autocad Electrical Project and it might be worth to pay professional to get one done including your own company logo, title block and drawing properties and panel configuration properties (i.e. design rules) embedded into template. It is even possible to get specific wire types added to the wire types list based on your specification of wire size, colour…