Saturday, May 21, 2022
Autocad Electrical
Autocad Electrical Project upgrade Autocad import of dwg drawings One of my client recently handed me over set of electrical drawings in dwg format and requested control panel upgrade with bigger cabinet and more components. My first task was obviously to be able to open all dwg in Autocad Electrical. Original dwg were drawn in a different drawing tool so I...
control panel
Control Panel - Design and component placements it is always easier to have both schematics and component arrangement drawings completed prior manufacturing period. Electrical Control Panel components need to be placed in cabinets so that the operation of components are not affected due to electrical noise from adjacent components. Besides, heat dissipation during operation also restricts installation location for a...
Control Panel - Die cast aluminium enclosures For many compact junction box type control panel applications where I require to house electronic or pneumatic components, I tend to choose die-cast aluminium enclosures. "Die-cast aluminium is a high resilience material that provides robust, safe and reliable encapsulation to design components and available upto ip66 nema 4 rating, Khurram Waris said" Pre Procurement Many die-cast...