Integration with PLCs

EasyBodge Data Logging Solution is a unique Data Logging solution that inherently integrates with industrial PLCs with the likes of Siemens S7 and Rockwell RSLogic. It uses an abstraction layer to connect with sensor’s data. All sensors and instrumentation could still be wired to the PLCs. Easybodge data logging solution work in completely decoupled manner and has no bearing on the existing automation system. The integration is available as fully software or fully hardware solution.

Software and Hardware Integration Option

For a fully software solution, we create another Function Block within PLC code to generate TCP/IP telegram or Modbus data. PLC code does not receive anything but simply broadcast sensor data for Easybodge Data Logging System to listen. Connection is one to one between the two IP nodes.

For a fully hardware or semi hardware solution, we offer a suitable gateway to interface between PLC and Easybodge Data Logging System.

In both cases, Easybodge Data Logging System is integrated by simply wiring a patch lead to existing ethernet hub in the control cabinet.


Some prominent features of our datalogging solutions are:

High Frequency Sampling and Logging Rates up to 3MHz
Multichannel Count
Signal Type: +-10V,+-5V,4-20mA – Options for selecting singled ended or differential.
Connectivity Block to terminate sensor cables.
Real-time stamped data
Representation of sensor data in gauges, digital displays or historical trends
Configuration Mode to reconfigure channel engineering minimum, maximum, offset data
and save configuration file permanently.
Calibration Mode to prompt user when sensor calibration has run out.
Analysis Mode for live plotting of data with timestamps. up to four different Y-scales
Ability to Log test file and replay.
Ability to add cursors, scroll cursors, zoom in/out and automatic update of signal minimum, maximum, average values between cursors.
Support mode to provide remote desktop assistance for selected duration.
Advanced Error management system to report system errors and diagnostics.

Easybodge is a competitive data acquisition and logging system for ‘Big Data’ applications to be able to analyse changes over time, profile analysis, trends or whatever analysis you require from analogue data. If you wish a free demonstration, then get in touch. I will arrange to speak with you immediately.